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To pinpoint the factors that determine the potential success of your ideas, Strategy Insight must learn about your business, product or service, market, competition and the environment.

Strategy Insight will use your answers in concert with a set of expert system rules to create a variety of analysis results. This includes charts, observations that call your attention to inconsistencies, and assertions that measure your potential for success, identify problems, and test alternatives.
Dialog with an Expert

Your dialog with Strategy Insight is equivalent to an in-depth engagement with a consulting MBA trained in new market or new product planning. You describe your business ideas and the expert system based upon the published works of 100+ experts applies principles of strategy to the unique circumstances of your market. Every recommendation can be justified by tracing the supporting rationale.
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Same task, different costs

You can hire an MBA to analyze your business ideas, or use Strategy Insight to:
  • ask questions relevant to the success of your new product or new market
  • question your assumptions and validate or challenge your thinking
  • warn of factors that could blind-side you
  • prove the market or product viability
  • add objective confidence to your market decisions